FallTech Flowtech Belted Harness #7088


$265.00 $285.00
SKU: 7088S

Falltech Flowtech Belted Harness #7088

This harness is a non-stock item and will be shipped directly from the manufacturer. There is a 2-3 week delay in receiving the item. It is also a non-stock item for Falltech as well, so it is made to order.  

  • 3 D-Rings
  • Back and Side Tongue Buckle Legs
  • Quick Connect Chest
  • FlowScape® Shoulder, Leg, and Waist Pads.

FlowTech® Full Body Harnesses are extremely lightweight and feature FlowScape® technology, which provides the user with unsurpassed all-day breathability and comfort. Available in standard non-belted, belted construction, climbing, and retrieval.

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