HardHatGear Custom Fibre-Metal 110PWE Welding Helmet in Big Money Hydro-dipped



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HHG Custom Fibre-Metal 110PWE Welding Helmet in

Big Money #HHG-WH-BM*

Custom Hydro-dipped Carbon Fiber print on a Fibre-Metal Pipeliners Welding Helmet. The Original Pipeliner: Designed for the specific needs of pipe welders. Molded from SuperGlas Plus, a material formulated for lightweight and strength with shade 10 filters. These helmets provide everything pipe welders need to be safe and productive under the harshest welding conditions. Its compact design allows access to areas where there is no room for a standard helmet. And for frequent re-adjustments it uses a constant-fit rubber headband.

Made in the USA!

*We really try to keep these in stock at all times, but from time to time, we have to dip them as quickly as we send them. We always strive to fulfill your order quickly, but it can take upwards to 10 days to have these dipped.

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