Guardian Diablo 8' Leading Edge Cable SRL 11072


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This retractable works great around sharp edge applications. Combination of the integral shock absorber and the abrasion and cut resistant cable provides rating of use over 0.005" radius sharp edge.

The Quick-Bracket installs below the back D-ring freeing it up for other uses. Swivel top for 360 degrees of movement.

It has a shock pack cover that acts as a cushion between the housing and the user's back for increased comfort.

Weight: 5.80 lbs.

Rebar hook can be attached to large anchor points.

Weight capacity: 310 lbs in leading edge applications, 420 lbs in non Leading edge applications.

In leading edge applications maximum free fall of 5 feet with clearance requirement of 13'-17'.

In non leading edge applications has maximum deceleration distance of 24 inches and maximum fall clearance of 5.5 feet.

Meets OSHA 1926 Subpart M and ANSI Z359.14-14 and A10.32-12 requirements.