HardhatGear Bolt Bag w/ Tape Holder #HG341-L(DISCONTINUED)


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HHG Leather Bolt Bag With Tape Holder #HHG-341-L

Check out Hard Hat Gear's double reinforced bottom bolt bags. Hard Hat Gear's owner and founder, Randy Rude, personally designed this leather bolt bag to avoid having to dig for your tape measure at the bottom of a bolt bag full of bolts.

  • Same size as a canvas bag, but will last a whole lot longer.
  • Tunnel loop with rivets for reinforcement, fits over 2" work belt.
  • Bullpin loops on each end. Same size as canvas bolt bags!
  • The tape measure holder will accept up to a 30' Fat Max or our fat tapes. Lasts forever!
  • Size: 5" X 9" X 10 deep. Belt/tools not included.

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