KT Silver Thin Line Refill #5-0062


SKU: 5-0062

KT Silver Thin Line Refil Part # 5-0062

5-0062 thin line marker refills are ideal when highly-visible, torch-resistant marks are required during metal layout and fabrication work. The highly-visible lead is more visible through a welder's filter plate and will not rub, burn or blow off like soapstone. Engineered to contain low levels of chlorides, halogens, low melting point metals, and sulfur, the low corrosion formulas are safe for use on stainless steel, alloys and other superalloy metals and will not contribute to unwanted corrosion, degradation, or pitting.Thin line markers resist torch flames, are more visible through filter plates and get more marks per stick than soapstone. They are self-sharpening, will not rub off and are convenient. Can be used on stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, lumber, tile, glass and many other items.

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