Maxxeon WorkStar 320 2nd Gen Pocket Floodlight Pro LED Inspection Light


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The rugged WorkStar® 320 LED Pocket Floodlight is designed for daily use by technicians in demanding shop, manufacturing and maintenance environments. The tough T6 aluminum body is anodized black and is virtually indestructible. All threaded joints have rubber O-ring seals so it is IP67, dust tight & waterproof to 3 ft. The rugged tailcap switch is rated at 100,000 cycles and is sealed to avoid contamination by dirt and grit. In addition, the switch has the standard ON/OFF operation, plus a handy momentary action position.  The MAXXEON WorkStar® 320 is brighter than ordinary LED penlights. Just as important is the size of the beam. The Pocket Floodlight's beam is huge compared to other LED penlights, but is it really a floodlight? Well, not exactly, but it is much more useful than other LED penlights and LED inspection lights. See the "Reflector" line of the performance table for more details. Our LED Pocket Floodlight is just what you've been waiting for, so wait no more!  The MAXXEON WorkStar® 320 fits nicely in your hand, but it also fits your pocket perfectly - a true Pocket Floodlight! LED penlights and LED inspection penlights generally have weak and/or narrow beams. Not the Professional LED Pocket Floodlight. It has a bigger and brighter beam to perfectly illuminate your work. It uses a constant current driver to extract the maximum run time from Alkaline batteries. In addition, the 320 is compatible with optional 1.5 volt NiMH and Li-ion batteries, which have significantly longer run times than Alkaline batteries.

LED Brightness (Luminous Flux) 170 OTF lumens (out-the-front)
LED, Color, Power Cree XP-E2, Daylight White, 3 W
Reflector Custom designed flood reflector creates a wide floodlight beam - no rings, no shadows, no hot spots. The beam diameter to distance ratio is about 1:1, meaning for example, the beam diameter is about 2 ft wide when the light is 2 ft from an object.
Switch Tailcap click ON / click OFF + Momentary ON. Equipped with a user replaceable rubber switch cap that seals out dirt. Note: replacement rubber switch caps are available from Buy Parts Online from MAXXEON
Battery Included 2 AAA alkaline Note: Compatible with NiMH, Alkaline and 1.5V lithium
Battery Voltage Range 4.2 - 0.9 volts
Run Time Alkaline: 35 min continuous operation & 2 hr with typical intermittent use
NiMH: 2 hr continuous operation
Lens Equipped with a user replaceable glass lens. Note: replacement glass lenses are available from Buy Parts Online from MAXXEON
Aluminum Body & Head T6 Aluminum with Black Type II Anodizing
Length 5 inches (13 cm)
Diameter 9/16 inches (14 mm)
Weight 2 ounce (57 grams)
Temperature 15º to 105ºF (-10º to +40ºC)
Ingress Protection IP67 = dust tight & waterproof to 3 ft (1 m) - Threaded joints have rubber O-ring seals & tailcap switch is sealed with a rubber cap
Drop Test 6 ft (2 m)
Included WorkStar® 320, 2 AAA alkaline batteries, spare rubber switch cap
Warranty 1 year against manufacturing defects
UNSPSC code 39111610 Flashlight
Barcode 629203003207
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