Rudedog USA Premium Black Spud Ring Holder #3006


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SKU: 3006

The Ring - 1" Spud Wrench Holder Black # 3006

The "Ring" is made from Black Harness Leather. The Harness Leather is more resistant to the elements. Ideal for 1" spuds and Adjustable Spuds! Anyone that has had to carry a 1" hard (1 5/8" opening) spud around very long realizes that most erection wrench holders are not made to handle it. Usually, the holes stretch to the point that the holder isn't any good for the standard 3/4" & 7/8" spuds anymore, plus it focuses all the weight on one side of your belt. I designed this to handle the problem and allows you to wear it wherever you'd like. Just drop the spud in the ring, and be the envy of every kid on the block! Can be used with any tool that you can slide into the ring (Hammer, Beater, Adjustable Wrench, Quickie Bolt). If you don't have one of these on your belt, you are missing the best tool holder out there.

Made in the USA!!