Vaughan Bear Saw Perfect Saw Guide


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Vaughan Bear Saw* Perfect Saw Guide

Converts BS265M pull saw into compound miter saw. Includes BS265M, saw guide and angle gauge.  MADE IN JAPAN!

This innovative and perfect miter saw guide is designed for the exclusive use by BS265M. Quick and very easy angle adjustment for sawing at any angle between both 45 degrees right and left direction as well as both 45 degrees front and back inclined direction. Rigidly and precisely constructed steel-made miter saw guide ensures accurate straight cuts, and it can be held in a position firmly by hand supporting with positioning holders. Equally suited for left and right hand position. Long straight cut on a wide board is also easily possible by using the parallel sliding holder. Special Saw Guide Gauge and Dummy Plate for precise angle adjustment.

Not meant to be used on bears!