Petzl ZigZag® #D22A



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Petzl Part #D22A

  • Mechanical Prusik for tree care.
  • The ZIGZAG mechanical Prusik allows the user to move around efficiently in a tree using classic Prusik pulley system technique.
  • The linked rings provide precision and fluidity when moving around.
  • The pulley is mounted on sealed ball bearings to allow the slack to be taken up easily.
  • Technique identical to classic Prusik pulley system.
  • Release lever mounted on spring for great precision when locking/releasing the device.
  • Adjusting the pressure on this lever controls the speed of movement.
  • Swivel always keeps the device in position for better rope glide through the device.
  • Upper connection point for easily connecting the end of the doubled rope.
  • It has a flexible ring that helps maintain the connector in the major axis position.
  • Only for use on doubled ropes.

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