All Way Wire Rope Sling


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Our Mechanically Swaged wire rope slings are known for quality and dependability. They are made by forming a flemish eye in the end of the wire rope, the strand ends are then covered by a carefully machined carbon steel sleeve and pressed in our swaging machines supplying tons of pressure so the metal of the sleeve flows into the wire rope, gripping all wires safely and securely. They are stronger than a hand splice sling and don't require a wire serving. Slings of this type develop high strengths and efficiency in conjunction with the component wire rope breaking strength. 

Custom wire rope lifting slings are also an option by calling our sales team.

3/8" x 6'  VERTICAL: 1.4T   CHOKER: 1.1T  BASKET: 2.8T

1/2" x 6'  VERTICAL: 2.5T   CHOKER: 1.9T  BASKET: 5.0T

This item cannot be returned due to safety risks associated with used materials.