North Star White Ox Gauntlet Cuff Gloves #1015


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North Star White Ox Gauntlet Cuff Gloves # 1015

  • Gauntlet version of the most popular glove in the Pacific Northwest!
  • 100% cotton; fourchette pattern (the most comfortable of glove patterns, usually only found in dress styles);
  • Double ply quilted palm equates to construction from canvas of 22-ounce thickness.
  • 10 oz. canvas back with red elastic band shirred at back of wrist has the effect of reducing size by approximately 1/2 size.
  • 5" rubberized canvas cuff. Fuzzy nap both inside and outside.
  • Reconfigured index finger seam gives same protection as wrap around construction.
  • Fast red dye for printing does not bleed.