Cordova Safety TUF-COR ICE™ Winter Gloves #3727


SKU: 3727M


High-performance gloves are machine knit constructed of high-strength yarns that provide increased levels of dexterity and abrasion- and cut-resistance. Most feature coatings to increase the durability and gripping power. High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE) has a tensile strength 15 times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis. Gloves made with HPPE are lightweight, comfortable and abrasion- and cut-resistant. Tests have shown that gloves made with HPPE fibers have up to 20 times the abrasion resistance of gloves made with spun Aramid yarns.

The CORDOVA-brand TUF-COR ICE cold weather, cut-resistant glove is designed for splash, chemical, and cold protection. It features a salt & pepper, 13-gauge HPPE/synthetic fiber shell with thermal acrylic lining. It also offers a tough, two-layer nitrile coating and A4 cut level protection. Generally found in the oil & gas sectors, this glove is ideal for use in cold weather environments where water or chemicals are present, while satisfying most cut level requirements.

  • WARMTH: 13-Gauge, HPPE/Synthetic Fiber Shell with Thermal Acrylic Lining
  • GRIP: Black Sandy Nitrile Outer Layer
  • SPLASH PROTECTION: Full, Blue Nitrile Inner layer
  • FIT: Dextrous & Form-Fitting
  • SIZES:  M-XL