Dovetail Women's Day Construct Brown Canvas Work Pants


SKU: DWF18P3C-8x30

Hack it. Hike it. Hardcore outdoor action is all in a Day’s work. Named for Dovetail Workwear co-founder, Kate Day, who worked the land growing up in Maine, owned a landscaping business, and never saw a shrub she didn’t want to prune. Relaxed fit through the leg. Packed with reinforcements, from a double-button waistband up top, to tough cuffs at the bottom. This pant has our standard mid-rise at the front waist, but is higher-backed at the rear—because the only crack we like to see is dawn’s!

  • Relaxed leg. Looking good.
  • Mid-rise waist. Just right.
  • Higher back. Mind the crack.
  • 10 pockets. For real.
  • Double-button waistband. Stays put.
  • Zip pocket. Don’t lose your shit.
  • Reinforced front pockets. Double down.
  • Crotch gusset. Free the squat.
  • Reinforced knee. Don’t blow it.
  • Knee slot. Put a pad in it.
  • Tough cuff. Don’t fray the hem.

  • Heavy duty canvas
  • Fabric weight: 12 oz
  • Fabric content: 99% cotton / 1% spandex