Edge Eyewear Khor G2 Safety Glasses


SKU: SDK116-G2

The Khor Z87+ safety glasses are ideal for professionals who require a frame that offers an unobstructed field of vision and ANSI-approved shatter-resistant lenses. With our proprietary anti-fog technology (called Vapor Shield), you can experience visual clarity in even the most hazy environments. The Khor safety glasses feature uncompromising comfort and a bold style wrapped into a blade-style frame. These Z87+ safety glasses are constructed with a flexible nylon frame for durability and comfort. Plus, an adjustable thermoplastic rubber (TPR) nosepiece adapts to a variety of face shapes and helps keep them from slipping around when the going gets tough. If you're looking for uncompromising safety glasses, also available in polarized options, shop the Edge Khor.

Impact Rated


All of our lenses are made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate. This material is lightweight, blocks 99.9% of UV radiation and defends against projectiles or blunt forces with its natural strength. Our lenses are always designed with the strict safety standards of ANSI, or the stringent MCEPS military requirements, in mind to bring you total peace of mind.

Vapor Shield Anti-Fog


We developed a permanent anti-fog technology in 1993 and named it Vapor Shield. Unlike other temporary fog proof coatings on the market, it’s infused into the lenses during the manufacturing process. The result is a permanent solution for stopping the buildup of fog-causing water vapor on the surface of the lenses.


Unbreakable Construction


We build all of our frames with a nylon composite that’s as pliable as it is durable. Under normal use, and even most of those “oops” moments, our frames are simply indestructible. And it’s the durable construction of our frames that contributes to our glasses’ trademark impact resistance to keep your sight safe when the unexpected happens.

ANTI-slip tpr


Thermoplastic rubber (TPR), or MEGOL, is a composite that becomes tacky when exposed to moisture. We strategically place MEGOL details in our frames so they don’t slip around when you’re hard at work. You’ll find these details on the nose pieces or temple tips of our frames.