Elvex Level Dependent Com-655 with Impulse Filter Muffs


$67.99 $74.69
SKU: COM-655

Level Dependent allows close range communications in continuous or impulse noise environments.
Provides excellent sound quality and performance, no choppy sounds.
Lightweight design, provides comfort over long periods.
Headband: PVC with Foam Padding for Cushion
Ear Cups: ABS
Volume Ring: ABS
Dual Fork Suspension: Stainless Steel
Foam Absorber: Polyurethane
Ear cushion: PVC and Polyester

The microphone listens to the environment and amplifies weak sounds, plus it suppresses impulse noise exceeding 82 dB.

An audio jack (3.5 mm jack) for connection of MP3 Players and Radios is standard and provides listen-only capability.

Low force, fork-type stainless steel headband offers the lowest and consistent pressure on wearer’s head.

4-hour automatic shutoff to conserve batteries. Uses two 1.5 Volt AAA alkaline batteries providing up to 175 hours of usage.

Soft cushioned headband for all-day wear and ear cushions are replaceable.

ANSI S12.6 Hearing Protection Attenuation Standard - ANSI S12.6