Flange Wizard Magnetic Centering Head

Flange Wizard

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SKU: 53025-M

Flange Wizard 53025-M Magnetic Centering Head

For pipes 1"€ and larger is designed for the person who works with smaller diameter pipe. Fire protection, fence and gate builders, live stock pens and corrals, and various alignment jobs in the automotive field are a few of the many uses.

The 53076-M Medium Magnetic Centering Head (for pipes 6"€ and larger) is designed to establish and mark a center-line at any angle around the circumference (inside and out) on a pipe or tank. This tool is a must for the welder'€™s or fitters toolbox.

The 53085-M Large Magnetic Centering Head (for pipes 12"€ and larger) has a one-piece magnetic €œY€ shaped body like our other models, only wider and larger.

The wide-spread €œY€ shaped body has two strong magnets in each leg for maximum holding power and hands free layout.