Fox River Military Wick Dry® Mazimum #6074


$11.20 $14.00
SKU: 6074M-07000

Fox River Part #6074
  • Medium weight sock for shorter activities and cooler weather.
  • 70% polypropylene, 28% nylon, 2% spandex.
  • Single Pair Pack.


  • Medium - M 6-8.5    W 7-9.5
  • Large - M  9-11.5         W 10-12.5
  • XLarge - M  12-14.5 

Extra cushioning softens the blows your feet take every day. Quick-dry fibers make washing a simple task. Superb fit minimizes bunching and blistering. Our exclusive Wick Dry® technology keeps feet dry while our URfit® System provides support. Scentry® technology resists odor in the sock.

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