Jackson Replacement Headgear for HaloX Welding Helmets


$21.99 $24.99
SKU: 20696

The Jackson Safety 370 headgear is easily among the most identifiable headgear in the industry today. With the distinctive logo on the adjustment dial, the 370 is compatible with a wide variety of welding helmets including Halo X, HSL, Nitro, WH40, and SmarTIGer. Designed for maximum comfort, the headgear is built with a three-position slider to adjust the distance from eye to lens, a crown strap adjustment to raise or lower the helmet, and a large ratcheting dial that allows size adjustment without removing the helmet.

  • Three-position slider adjusts distance of the lens from your eyes for precise vision
  • Includes a crown strap adjustment to raise or lower the helmet
  • Oversized adjustment dial with soft rubber grip allows easy size adjustment even while wearing gloves
  • Crown strap adjustment allows the headgear to be raised or lowered for maximum comfort and performance
  • Locks into a detent when lifted and keeps it in the upward position until manually lowered
  • Vertical lock-in eliminates helmet from creeping
  • Lock-nut feature keeps the components together even when the bracket is loosened
  • Sweatband helps absorb perspiration and prevents sweat from interfering with vision