KG Kevlar Heavy Duty Boot Laces


SKU: KG245

KG's Bootguard Part #:
#KG245 - 45"

#KG254 - 54"

#KG263 - 63"

#KG272 - 72"

Keep your work boots on tight with KG-Xtreme heavy duty boot laces.

These 100% Kevlar ® and heavy duty nylon laces are braided together, wax coated, and then metal tipped to form the toughest lace around! You won't have to be afraid to get these laces dirty.

They are chemical resistance, fire resistant, and virtually unbreakable.

These tough boot laces make the perfect gift for any welder, machinist, firefighter, construction worker, or anyone else in your life that wants laces as tough as the boots they trust each day!

  • 45",54", 63" & 72" Long