MetGUARDZ™ Pull-On Metatarsal & Lace Protector Set


$32.99 $39.99
SKU: SEN-605

MetGUARDZ™ reinforce workers' existing safety footwear. Just use the straps for footwear without laces.

Superior Protection

  • Meet or exceed both CSA and ASTM Metatarsal Impact performance criteria.
  • Resistant to welding splatter, acid, alkalis, fuel oil, and high and low temperatures.
  • Protection from sparks and dirt, prolongs the life of your laces and boots, making it ideal for welders.


  • Suitable for most types of safety footwear.
  • Secured using straps provided.
  • Transferable among users.

MetGUARDZ™ protectors are recommended for workers in manufacturing, welding, agriculture, metal fabrication, material handling and transportation, among others.

They are also an economical solution for temporary workers and can be used anywhere metatarsal protection is recommended or required.