MSA Goggle Retaining Ring


$24.99 $34.99
SKU: 459458

MSA Part #:
#459458 - For MSA Safety Caps
#449895 - For MSA Full Brim Hats

  • Non-metallic retainer for secure, anywhere hold.
  • Easily adjusts for a better fit.
  • Can be worn on all MSA protective headwear, except the V-Gard® 500.
  • Can be use when in confined spaces, working in food processes, when hunting and shooting, painting, sanding and gringing, and working at hights.

    MSA's goggle retainers are designed for applications where goggles must be worn with helmets. The non-metallic retainer can be worn on most protective headwear meeting ANSI Z89.1 requirements without changing the headwear's dielectric qualifications (protection against electric shock) as long as goggle used is dielectric.