MSA Sound Control Earmuff For Full Brim Hard Hats


SKU: 10129327

MSA Part #:
#10129327 - Slotted
10034487 - Non-Slotted

  • For use with MSA slotted full brim helmets.
  • Does not interfere with Class E rating of MSA Slotted full Brim Helmets.
  • Balancing muffs with ear cup angle.
  • Provides maximum space for the ears inside the cup.
  • Soft ear cup material for extended wear.
  • Spring design offers low pressure and a high level of comfort.
SoundControl® Classic Hearing Protection. MSA SoundControl Classic hearing protection offers four helmet-mounted options for MSA caps and full brim hats. The classic line offers lightweight, low-profile cups with various protection levels for low to loud noise worksites. NRR 25.