Occidental Leather Impact/screw Gun Bag #8068

Occidental Leather

SKU: 8068

Occidental Leather Part #8068

  • The main bag has two compartments, one is a gun holster plus pouch suitable for tools and quick release clamps commonly used in metal stud work.
  • Designed for the right side, the holster is suitable for cordless drills or screw guns.
  • Complimented by our patented 2 in 1 design outer pouch.
  • Holders for driver bits & pencil.
  • Also sports a leather sleeve for Clip-On items on the right rear and a slot for Rafter Square behind the 2 in 1 outer pouch.
  • Square edge to the rear.
  • Ideal for metal framing.
  • Pockets & Tool Holders: 9
  • Weight: 1.25 lbs.