Powerweld® Flux Cored Welding Wire E71T-GS .035" X 10Lb Spool


SKU: FC03510

Powerweld® E71T-GS gasless flux-cored welding wire .035" diameter x 10lb spool. Powerweld® 71TGS is designed for single pass welding of thin-gauge carbon steel, ranging from 3/16" to 22 gauge. This electrode is formulated to weld quite effectively over galvanized material and can be used on certain aluminized surfaces as well. Powerweld® 71TGS requires no external gas-shielding and should be welded with DCEN (straight polarity).

Weights & Dimensions

Weight 10 lbs
Size .030"
Height 2.5 in
Depth 8.25 in
Width 8.25 in
Length 8.25 in
Type E71T-GS
Polarity DCEN
Applicable Materials Gasless MIG welding
Package Quantity 10 Lbs.
Manufacturers Part Number FC03510
Brand Powerweld
Warranty 90 Days