Powerweld Low Hydrogen Electrode


SKU: E7018-125-50

PowerWeld 7018 is a low-hydrogen electrode for use in all positions on low, medium and highcarbon steels. 70,000 PSI tensile strength. Ideal for out of position welding and tacking. Runs on AC or DCEP (reverse) polarity. Features a steady arc with low spatter and medium penetration, providing X-ray quality weld deposits.


PowerWeld 7018 is typically used for heavy machinery fabrication, pressure vessels, field and shop welding of bridges and structural steels, cast steels and shipbuilding, or most ASTM specifications on medium carbon and low alloy steels.

  • 14" length
  • 3/32" diameter
  • Carbon Steel
  • Finish/coating: low-hydrogen iron powder
  • Welding Positions: flat, horizontal, overhead, vertical-down, vertical-up