Powerweld Welders Essentials Kit


$139.99 $159.99

Powerweld® Welders Essentials Kit. Everything you need to start your welding career. Includes variable shade 9—13 auto-darkening helmet, welding gloves, chipping hammer, positioning magnet, cup goggles, tip cleaners, flint lighter, clear safety spectacles, wire scratch brush, soapstone and holder, and MIG pliers - all contained in a convenient welding helmet and gear bag.

Kit includes:

  • Variable shade 9-13 auto-darkening helmet (PWH9843)
  • Gear bag (PWHB)
  • Welding gloves (PW1001)
  • Chipping hammer (RLH-1)
  • Positioning magnet (M061)
  • Welding cup goggles (R600)
  • Standard tip cleaner (TC-1)
  • Single flint lighter (1501)
  • Clear safety spectacles (TK110)
  • Wire scratch brush (85045)
  • Soapstone and holder (400-1)
  • MIG welding pliers (YS-50)