Rudedog Black Drop Forged Spud Wrench


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SKU: 7734H

These spuds come in the two sizes we need the most, the 1 1/4" Spud (3/4" hard Spud) and the 1 7/16" Spud (7/8" hard Spud). Be the first on the job site to these spuds. I've tried quite a few spuds in my career these by far are my favorite. Long taper, good meat on the head, simple clean design, and great leverage on big iron due to the length. Great balance with a good grip. These spuds look great with our black leather. Overall length of 3/4 Hard spud is 18", 7/8 Hard spud is 21". Slight roughness for good grip!

Erection wrench designed for standard 3/4" (A325) Industrial Bolts or standard 7/8" (A325) Industrial Bolts. Offset head for ease of clearance. Long Tapered handle for additional Leverage.

Made in the USA!!!