The Pipe Fitters Blue Book "Pipe Fitter's Bible"

Graves Publishing Co

SKU: 0-9708321-2-5

Commonly referred to as the Pipe Bible, this is the most widely used book in the trade today.

  • Easy to understand
  • Pocket sized manual with a durable, water resistant cover (Dimensions 6"x4"x 5/16)
  • Contains illustrations such as solving rolling offsets, centers of 15o, 22-1/2o and 60o butt weld elbows cut from a 90o elbow
  • Contains layouts for a true Y layout, common pipe angles and their solutions, special offsets and solutions, mitered pipe cuts, multi-piece mitered turns and much more
  • Examples: Common piping angles and their solutions; solving rolling offsets; concentric and eccentric supports on 90 degree long elbows, 3 types, etc., etc.