Welch X-Back Gator Clip Suspenders


SKU: 7846 GC RD

The Welch Company Inc. has been manufacturing suspenders in Portland, Oregon since 1967. Their suspenders are recognized for quality and reliability among the loggers and construction workers. Traditionally, anyone showing up to join a logging crew wearing a belt instead of suspenders was sent home as too green to work with the crew.

Suspender length is measured from the suspender buttons on the front over the shoulder to that on the back on the opposite side.

The Regular (46″) suspenders adjust from 46 inches to about 38 inches, and generally fit people under 6 feet tall. The Extra Long (54″) suspenders adjust from 54 inches to about 42 inches. Those under 6 feet tall may prefer the Extra Long suspenders if they have a larger girth or wish to keep the adjustment clasp up relatively high on the torso.


46" Black/46" Red - 2" width with gator clip ends

54" Black/54" Red - 2" width with gator clip ends

Made in the USA!