KG Boot Guard Toe Protection



Get more mileage out of your workboots. Kg's Boot Guard offers superior protection from toe wear, water seepage along the welt, and seam erosion. The boot guard can be applied to new or used boots and bonds to leather, rubber, Cordura, vinyl, and even to exposed steel.

Kg's Boot Guard is tough and permanent! It will not crack, peel, or flake off. Simply brush on the first coat, let dry for two hours, brush on one last coat, and dry overnight. The applicator can be cleaned with mineral spirits for reuse.

Each jar typically contains enough coverage for at least three boot applications.

Extend the life of your workboots. Use Kg's Boot Guard in any of the following ways to ensure your workboots last as long as possible:

Toe Protection

Apply Kg's Boot Guard to the toe of your new boots to prevent premature toe wear. Apply Kg's Boot Guard to worn boots to cover worn areas even if the steel toe is exposed.

Welt Protection

Apply Kg's Boot Guard on the welt of boots to prevent water and harmful chemicals from seeping in and causing damage.

Seam Protection

Apply Kg's Boot Guard to the seams of boots to protect the stitching from welding sparks and harmful chemicals.